Health, physical and mental conditioning …

…for the work of members of the public safety organisations of the Czech Republic

Enhancing individual care for one’s own health


We believe that health, physical condition and mental balance are the bottom line for the quality of life. And these attributes are to a great extent based on skills that can be taught.

We believe that the work of members of the public safety organisations significantly stresses the human body at both the physical and mental levels. We do our best for you to want and to know how to take care of your good physical and mental shape.

Within our educational activities, we offer the effective and efficient training program for health and functional physical condition, stress-management techniques, relaxation and physical and mental toughness training. We strive to show you why to take care of your health and condition and how to do it.

In what areas does Optima help and what does it provide?

  • the ability to relax and better manage stress
  • healthy and effective exercise
  • physical and mental condition, performance and toughness in real-world situations
  • better health, healthier back and joints
  • prevention of injuries and health problems
  • correction of improper exertion and sedentary life style
  • greater interest in and better personal care for one’s own health and quality of life


Optima also offers:

  • Training focused on relaxation and concentration using technology – neurofeedback, biofeedback
  • Training focused on coping with extreme situations
  • Information in the area of nutrition and relaxation
  • Testing of mental resilience and motoric prerequisites


We provide simple, effective and easy-to-use procedures with a direct link to everyday reality and work responsibilities. The exercises are easily accessible in everyday life – teachable quickly, with little demands of time or equipment. We want you to profit from these exercises in your professional and personal life, whether you work in the field or in the office.

Optima works with the body, mind and “heart” as a functional whole. We emphasise the necessity of balance between exercise, nutrition, relaxation and mental wellbeing.





  • The Optima project is recommended by the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work and has been recognised by the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs as the best in the Czech Republic in the area of caring for employees’ health  (Healthy Workplaces Good Practice Awards 2016–2017).
  • More than 100 courses (more than 1,500 people) for members of the public safety organisations of the Czech Republic including elite units.


How and where does Optima work for you?

Optima is implemented by the Department of Specialised Methodology of the Service Facilities for the Ministry of the Interior, which will be located on the premises of the Olymp Sport Centre of the Ministry of the Interior from May 2017. You have the possibility to familiarise yourself with this programme in connection with special courses held at Olymp, as well as in connection with your Instructional Methodological Employment  and within selected periods of rehabilitative stays.


Optima instructors:

Mgr. Kamil Polák – Optima project Chief

  • professional consultant in the area of enhancing mental resilience for the public safety organisations of the Czech Republic, athletic representatives of the Czech Republic, World Championship and Olympic Games participants
  • twenty years of experience in specialised units of the Ministry of the Interior of the Czech Republic
  • organiser of four editions of the “Coping with Extreme Situations” international conference
  • graduate of the Faculty of Sports Studies at Masaryk University in the field of Special Education for the Security Services and Applied Sports Education for the Security Services; in the course of his doctoral studies in the field of Kinanthropology, he accomplished a scientific research assignment focused on the influence of special autoregulation exercises for increasing physical resilience and performance
  • university instructor in the field of Cognitive Neuroscience


Mgr. Martin Doležal – Optima project Head Instructor

  • physical conditioning trainer (twenty years of experience)
  • originator of the CoreFit® methodology
  • former firefighter and scuba-diver (ten years with the Fire Rescue Service of the Czech Republic), Air Rescue training (ARS USA)
  • author of the publication Natural Functional Training and numerous professional articles
  • graduate of the Faculty of Physical Education and Sport at Charles University in the field of Physical Education – Psychology


Mgr. Roman Štědrý – Optima project Instructor

  • former Police special forces member and instructor (20 years with the force) 
  • graduate of the Palestra Physical Education and Sport College  and the Jan Amos Komenský University
  • self-defense instructor, tactical behaviour in extreme situations instructor, enhancing of physical resistance instructor
  • tactical shooting instructor
  • bodyguard – I.A.P.P.A. certification


Ing. Martin Röhrich – Optima project Instructor

  • the human body stress load measuring and monitoring expert


Mgr. Karel Lehmert, PhD. – Optima project Instructor

  • the CBRN expert
  • the training of coping with extreme situations instructor


External instructors:

  • Petr Havlíček for the area of nutrition and healthy life style
  • Šárka Soudková, PhD. for the area of managing stress and trauma
  • Jiří Matoška for the area of managing fear in crisis situations
  • Ing. Vratislav Pokorný for the area of cognitive sciences
  • Ing. Mgr. David Ulrich, PhD. for the area of physiological stress
  • Tomáš Zdechovský for the area of biological feedback

and selected members of the public safety organisations of the Czech Republic …